Most of my artist and design friends collect toys . For me it's recapturing a bit of my childhood , but I also enjoying the design and imagination that went into creating them.  My collecting revolves around two subjects.

The first would be Ultraman, a japanese super hero from 1966.

I have the biggest collection of Ultraman toys , outside of japan, so I created a website just for that collection.

Go to , for hundreds of examples of super rare ultraman toys spanning 1966- present day. Plus I co created a magazine about japanese toys called "Super7 Magazine".

Click the link below or pick up a copy of Super7 at Borders, Barnes and Noble, BDalton, Tower Records...just about everywhere !


Here's a pic of a small part of my Ultraman collection

 and ...... I also collect vintage ray guns , below and on the following pages !




Raydionic Ray Gun -1960's england

Atomic Ray Pistol -1950's england

Tomi Ray Gun --- 1950's --USA

Luner ray water gun --- 1950's

Sky Gun --- 1950's ---USA

Sky Gun --- 1950's --- USA

Space water gun --- 1960's -USA

Gear Ray Gun -- 1960's -- Japan


Cosmic ray gun -- 1950's--USA

Smoke Ring Gun -- 1950's --USA

water gun --1950's--USA

water gun --1950's--USA

Yellow Planet Jet gun -- 1950's--USA

smoke ring gun matches

water gun --1950's--USA

water gun --1950's--USA



ZZ Pop Ray Gun --1940's --USA

Atom Ray Gun -1940's--USA

water gun --1950's --USA

Space Pilot Super sonic gun--1950's--England

Space Outlaw Gun -1960's-England

Chrome Strato Space Gun -1950's-USA

Arliss ray gun --1950's --USA

Electra raygun --1950's --USA

Red and Black Space Gun -1953-USA

Jet Jr. gun --1950's--USA


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