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Siren Gun --1950's --USA

Atomic Flash gun --1950's--USA

Atomic Disintegrator --1950's --USA

Space Patrol Atomic Pistol--1950's--USA

Dull gray / Strato Ray Gun --1950's --USA

Rex Mars Atomic Pistol--1950's--USA



Atom-matic Water Rocket Gun --1940's--USA

Zooka Pop Gun --1950's --USA

Pyrotomic Disintegrator gun --- 1950's --USA

*** only a few known to exist ***

Cosmic ray Gun --1950's--USA

Atom Bubble and Water Gun--1940's--USA

Martian water gun---1950's Germany

Rex Mars Planet Patrol Sparkling Pistol --1950's--USA

***rare example with small fin at top complete and not broken off***

Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol XZ-31 -- 1930's --USA

***the first "ray gun" manufactured ***

Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol XZ-35 --1930's --USA

***smaller size also called "wilma gun " ***

Buck Rogers Atomic Pistols ---

This version from the 1940's-50's came in 3 different finishes. Top left: Silver nickel finish, Black gun metal finish, and gold paint finish. USA

Buck Rogers Liquid Helium Water Pistol XZ-44 -- 1930's--USA

Two very rare examples of my favorite ray gun. The copper one is extremely rare to find in it's original finish.



Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol XZ-38

1936-USA Copper finish

A true classic ray gun !!!


Power Pop Ray Gun

1950's - Very Rare - Only a few known to exist - Austrailian



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